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Store Creator 6 (Basic)

The Ultimate Cost-Effective Software Tool To Build Online Stores & Shopping Mall On Your Web Site Instantly.

  • Avoid High Costs & Complexity
  • Take Control of Your Online Store
  • Make Changes At Will
  • Bring Your Business To the World
  • No Monthly Fees


Additional Options You can Purchase

SSL secured server for your stores for $49.95 a year
Realtime Set up - 1x programming fee $100.00
Pay Pal Set Up - 1 X programing fee $100.00

(Note if you accept credit cards you will need the SSL. The only time you do not need the SSL is if you hook your store up with Pay Pal)

Shopping Cart - Overview of Features

Easy to USE, Perfect for your First Online Store! The Store Creator comes with a reliable free CGI online service (no configuration necessary). Simple Point and Click Interface.

Preview your store on your computer before uploading your store.  

Generates all shopping cart files to upload to your web site, Background images, buttons, and graphics included.

Build Unlimited Stores - No charge for additional stores, build as many as you need with one copy of the software. (Orders are sent to one email address)

Up to 5,000 Products - This software allows you to have up to 5,000 Products. 

Built-in Shopping cart - makes it convenient for your customers to order from you.

Database importing - save time by importing from Access, Dbase and other Store Creator format.

Duplicate a Store - Create an exact copy of your store. Excellent for putting a store on different domains to increase your exposure.

Unlimited categories / sub fields - includes unlimited sub-categories. Most flexible shopping cart available, as many categories and sub-categories as you need. You can even have a comment field for your customers to include any special instructions.

Unlimited sub fields - includes build-your-own combinations. This is one of the strongest features of this shopping cart. You can have customers add additional items to an individual product and the price will increase accordingly. Example: If you sell a computer, they can add a their choice of hard drives, each one priced differently and the price of the selection they make will be automatically added to the total. Shopper does not have to order "add on's" or  "up sell" products separately.

Tree view of categories - simplifies the maintenance of your items. Easily move items from one category to another.

Easy sub fields duplication - save time if you wish to duplicate sub fields in different categories. E.g. duplicating sub fields for sizes S, M, L, XL for Men's, Ladies, Children for different categories of clothing
Easy to insert graphics - just browse and click from your PC.

Sale Price Features - Encourage impulse buying, great for on sale items Old price (e.g.$100) and current price are shown so customer can see savings offered .

Tax, Payment and Shipping - User defined taxes rates, payment and shipping options.  

Built in Search - allows customers to search your entire store, all fields - including searching sub fields.

Billing method setup - allows No Payment collected (for COD..etc), Credit Card, Purchase Order or Fax. 

Shipping Charge Configuration - allows a merchant to customize shipping charge by weight, qty, % total. You can setup each calculation for each Shipping method. Example: Ups Ground, 2nd Day, Next Day

Support EU tax system

Support for Other Languages - Customize the templates in any language you need. Checkout is available in other languages. See Demo for more details.

Store wide Price Increase - Multiply all items prices by a factor of X - this is useful for merchants that have stores with same items but different prices. For example, a store in a different country the factor can be the exchange rate. Have a Canadian dollars store and a American Store without confusing customers.

Price Break Discount - (ie, Different price level for different qty order of an item, for eg, 1-10 10% discount, 11-50, 15% Each, over 50 15% discount)

Design Benefits - Customizable templates - choose from the available templates or customize your own. Now you can purchase additional templates, these are pre built stores you just plug your items into and have a professional looking store in minutes. shopping carts templates. Check out our Design Packs for even more templates!

No complicated HTML or CGI - we take care of all that so that you can concentrate on building and promoting your stores.

Simple point and click interface - easy store customization, you can define your layout, you can create an environment which is conducive for your customers to purchase from you.

Meta tags insertion - helps others to locate your store on the search engine
Customize descriptions with your own HTML - You can put in your own HTML tags to the items and have full control.

Simplified Publishing process - single click on the 'Publish' button makes publishing your store fast and easy.

Uploading Features and Secure Server - Optional Secure Server (SSL) - we offer secure server rental for $50 annual fee, this one price is for unlimited number of stores and includes the shared digital certificate. This shopping carts security must be run on our secure server. This simply means the store is on your server, but we maintain the order form on our server. The secure server that you host on is lightning fast and you don't have to worry about handling the CGI scripts. This one low cost for a year is incredible pricing. Have 100 stores and still only pay $50.00 annually. ( If you have Pay Pal set up you do not need the SSL.)

No monthly charge or commissions - No monthly fees or commissions on each order.

No special server installation - works on any server.
Simple uploading - since all generated necessary files are placed in the same subdirectory, simply ftp one folder up to your site and your complete store is on the web in minutes.

Easy Preview - Publish the store on your own PC and it is fully functional, then you can test everything before uploading

Optional: Real Time Credit Card Processing available - We can set up your stores with the following payment gateways:

  • PayPal
  • Authorizenet
  • CardService International
  • Cybercash
  • E-Commerce Tools
  • Go Charge IT
  • GoEmerchant
  • Intellipay
  • Iongate
  • 2Checkout
  • Planet Payment
  • Quick Commerce
  • Secure Pay/EMS 2000
  • Switch Card - UK Debit Card
  • Total Merchant Manager
  • Total Pay
  • Verisign PayFlow Link
  • World Pay

(Requires 1 x Programming fee to set up)

System Requirements:  Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or NT

Note: This can run on a Mac if you have PC Emulation Software


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