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The Role Of Jockeys And Trainers In Betting

The Role Of Jockeys And Trainers In Betting

There is a load of information that factors into horse racing betting. From horse form to track conditions, everything plays into the final result. But what about the horse’s trainer and the jockey that will ride the horse? These details are very important. More to the point, they’re important details that you might be overlooking.

First and foremost, you probably already know how important it is to stay up to date with horse racing information. The real question is; which information is the deciding factor? It’s difficult to say which information is particularly important, especially when you’re dealing with some of the finest racehorses in the world. Let’s take a closer look.

Jockeys Are Pivotal

Consider this; you’re given one of the best racing cars in the world, but are an amateur driver, and as such you might still not be able to win a race even against much weaker vehicles. Such is the importance of jockeys in horse racing. Jockeys are exceptionally skilled horse racing experts, and when it comes to racing, each jockey sets out to win at all costs. Jockeys strategize, pay attention to the competition, and stake their reputation on putting in a good performance.

So, how important is a jockey in horse racing? The short answer is, very. Take a look at the rigorous training that is mandatory for being a pro jockey, and you’ll quickly realise that overlooking the jockey in a horse race is a dire mistake.

Trainers Are As Important

Using the same analogy as before, imagine you’re given one of the best racing cars in the world, but the car is so poorly maintained it can barely get off the starting line. Yes, a horse’s trainer is another enormously important factor. Expert trainers get the most out of horses, pushing the animal to peak performance, unlocking its full potential, and ensuring that the animal is ready for race day.

To look at it another way, the strongest racehorse in the world will still underperform if it isn’t properly prepared. In contrast, a horse that is perhaps not necessarily the strongest can beat much stronger animals, assuming it is given thorough preparation.

Using The Information Smartly

Taking the exciting Caulfield Guineas as an example, your instinct is to perhaps immediately look at the horses with the best odds. Looking at odds is indeed a good place to start, but don’t stop your research after just glancing at surface information.

Odds are nothing more than a prediction, and in many cases bookmakers themselves are overlooking how big a difference a good jockey can make. Look into the jockey and trainer of each, consider how much of an impact both can make, and re-evaluate the situation. Also, take into account that many of the same jockeys and trainers participate in the different races. So a jockey in Caulfield Guineas may play just as big a role in Cox Plate betting. You’ll soon learn that horse racing, above all else, is a matter of understanding the human faces behind the horses.

Good luck, and don’t forget to bet smart.